Saturday, September 3, 2011

Good News!

This Blog's Going On Permanent Hiatus!

Well... it already has been for 9 months. Last year I started up my new GlenMullalyIllustration blog and made that my main news / info / update locale. But I just realized I never officially hung up the "Feel free to browse - but there ain't gonna be no more updates here folks" sign.

So please head on over the "G.M.I.B.", as it's known in better circles and ellipses, for all yer Mullaly needs. And just to tempt you last few stubborn holdouts - those acting before Sept. 15th 2011 can be eligible for... wait... wait... FREE STUFF! For real. I'm serious.

Just go there already!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Animation Thursday!

Today we depart from our usual format of Glencentric self promotion to showcase some exclusive, rare, and unusual animation finds recently unearthed by yours truly.

We start off (above) with a still from the almost legendary short-lived GBS Saturday morning giant-transforming-robot show "Battle of the Truckbots™"(1984), an obvious rip-off of the highly successful "Convertors" series.
Only 12 episodes were broadcast before the 2" master tapes started breaking down (GBS was famous for cutting corners on their shows. This program had a budget of only $946.29 per episode, scandalous even in 1980s dollars!) Only 5th generation copies taken from old Beta tapes exist in the hands of the few collectors out there who still remember the show as horrible.

A rare frame from Chypco Pictures 1932 ground-breaking "Philo's Tele-Phunnies", the first animated short to be filmed in Flock-Tone. Unfortunately since there were few theaters equipped with Touch-O-Phonic sound it was a complete flop. This is the only print that survives.

"Abra-Cat-Abra" (1956) was the third in a series of light-hearted cold war shorts produced by Happy-Time Fun Films (a division of the US arms manufacturer Amalgamated Ordnance™), for viewing in bomb-shelters after a nuclear attack. The insipid cat and mouse type antics that filled this (thankfully) now-forgotten series were scientifically designed to keep your mind off your hair falling out.


then again these might just be illustrations from a new magazine spread I recently finished. More information on the full piece (more details below) when it hits the newsstands in January!

Monday, November 15, 2010


It's been a busy fall and things are ramping up for the holiday season here at As a sneak peak of some upcoming work here's an alternate version of the cover art for the new Kayak Magazine on the stands soon!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Summer Art Smoothie!

Things have been very busy around the assembly floor of Mullaly Industrial Heavy Illustration Arts Manufacturing Concern Ltd, LLC, Pty, BMOC, ICUP lately! First a month and a half of late nights working on magazine spreads, book covers, educational posters, character disigns and more! Then lots of August and early September fun activity outside the studio. The result?...

A lack of posting! So I thought I'd throw everything into the Waring Art-O-Matic Pulverizor 3000 and blend up a tasty smoothie of Glen art previews of a bit of that recent work. More info on these as they as they are released!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kids Book July!

July was a very, very good month for kids book finds!

These (and 9 more not pictured) kids books and magazines were picked up in the last three weeks at a garage sale, a couple trips to our local swap meet, a thrift store or two, and from a local collector downsizing. Alice and Martin Provensen, Mel Crawford, Hawley Pratt and Al White, Art Seiden, Bernice Myers, JP Miller and Lowell Hess are just a few of the wonderful illustrators represented here.

Price paid?... 50¢ to $2 each!

I won't even mention the vintage department store catalogs, Elvgren playing cards, pulp paperbacks, vintage boardgames, Jack Davis Monster cards (1959), big stack of Jack Kirby 1970s comics and more that we found at the same time!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Here's a sneak peek at an illustration based on a magazine spread I've just finished. This is actually an alternate version of a detail from the illustration, but I liked the image and wanted to see what it would look like on it's own.

I'll post more about it when it hits the stands in a month or so.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I've just launched version 2.1 of the website! As well I'm splitting off a new blog... Glen Mullaly Illustration to focus on the illustration and work-related side of things.

This blog will still be active and updated (don't change that dial!), but I'm discontinuing links from my new site to here and to my Flickr photostream and making these mostly for friends and family. But these sites will still be here and updated, just not advertised as such on the main website.

These changes coincide with the announcement that I've signed with artist representative Deborah Wolfe Ltd and We're very excited about this big step and look forward to seeing where things go from here.

See you in the funny papers!