Wednesday, November 28, 2007

By Popular Demand!

The mailbags at GLENMULLALY.COM World Headquarters have been overflowing for months now with one question asked more than any other - "How can I remove unsightly red wine stains from my off-white shag carpet?" Unfortunately we don't have the answer for that, so instead we've posted some swell pictures of the studio at GLENMULLALY.COM HQ for your viewing pleasure over on Flickr .

An extra-special grand prize to the first caller who can identify ( in alphabetical order - Phoenician alphebetical order that is! ) all of the CDs pictured in the photo above.

Employees of GLENMULLALY.COM, their families, pets and anyone who has ever said "Hi" or "May I see your license?" to them are not eligible. Entry deadline Jan. 1st, 1856. All entries become property of GLENMULLALY.COM World Enterprises Ltd, and may be used for any purpose, most probably for making fun of or for looking up old girlfriends or people who owe us money.

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