Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Important Visitor!

The recent announcement of the final travel plans, long rumored but finally set in stone, of a very important American visitor to Canada during the third week of February has things a' buzzing here at World Headquarters.

This will be the first visit to the True North by this new face on the international scene who brings with them the promise of hope, change, and better cross-boarder relations. It has yet to be revealed what the topics to be covered during these high-level meetings will be, but I'm assured by someone in-the-know that they'll cover all the bases.

So here's wishing all the best to this historic Canada-U.S. summit, and to an only increasingly closer partnership between these two!

For the unromantic amongst you feel free to believe I was writing about this.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Batting 1,000!

A quick note to thank all of my regular readers here at Blog! I've just noticed that this month marks the first time my normal readership has surpassed 1,000 views in a single month. I've exceeded that mark once or twice in the past due to a big link like this or this, or even this. But January's numbers are in line with a slow but steady increase in readers to this humble blog that has pushed things over the 1 K mark.

So I wanted to take the time to say thanks.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Handy-Dandy Calendar!

I know we're more than a week away from the start of next month (and only 23 days, not 31 as someone mistakenly mentioned, from the second Saturday!), but in an attempt to bring my rapacious readers money-saving and strictly practical items from time to time, I thought I'd be prepared and share with you this ever-so-useful 28 day calendar for the month of Solmonath (Anglo-Saxon for mud month), Kale-monath (A.S again, named for cabbage), Hornung (so-named by Charlemagne), or as we like to call it these days... February!

I can't quite figure out why this 1960 calendar from the pages of Humpty Dumpty's children's magazine seems to have been updated to be accurate for 2009, but I'm not one to argue! Click the image for the large size, print it out, and then be sure to use it for dentist appointments, scheduled car servicing, monthly smoke alarm testing, compost turnings or any other important events you can think of!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How I feel today!

I'm not usually one to get all touchy-feely on this here visual venue, but I'm throwing convention to the wind and steaming full-speed ahead through this sea of mixed metaphors...

This is, as much as it's possible to portray the height of human emotion in two-dimensional form, a wonderfully illustrated representation that just hints at, nay only barely suggests, the overwhelming joy and unadulterated happiness I feel today. It's bursting out, I can't contain it, and so you my friends are just going to have to put up with it for a bit.

And it doesn't even have anything to do with that new guy in the White House this morning (although that's pretty cool too!).

Illustration detail by Elizabeth Browzowska from my most treasured childhood book:"The Boy Who Wouldn't Eat His Breakfast", Wonder Books 1963.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

"Psst... Hey Mac!"

"Wanna tip? I oyvaheard somewheres dat dat Mullaly rube has posted sum phedinkus photographs of hiz weirdo collection over at dat dere Flickr photy-graph sharing joint?"

"Why... no, my unusually-hued friend? Do you think it might interest an upstanding fellow such as myself to visit so unseemly a location as the internet?"

"Yeah, bud. Youse should really check it out poisinally, if youse gets my drift. Tell 'em "The Big H" sentcha..."

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Growing Up Star Wars Grows Up!

Well, after 7 months of plodding along at a steady rate, with an average of 50 new members a month and a nice number of wonderful contributions from said members - the Growing Up Star Wars 1977-1985 Flickr group started by Todd Franklin, myself, and originally, Mike Middleton, has decided to hit the big time!

From Time magazine's Tech and geek blog (written by longtime Simpsons writer Matt Selman!), to Flickr's official blog (viewed by umpteen zillion people a day), to feeder and aggregator destinations like MetalFilter, Digg and others - the bandwagon jumpin' on really has begun in the last few days. Longtime GUSW member Wil Wheaton wrote a nice entry on his wacky blog about our time-machine of a group that looks back at the first wave of Star Wars fans and their many different ways of enjoying and expressing their love for "That Space Movie", and many others seem to be following his Starfleet suit.

So if you're among the apparently very few who have yet to test the nostalgia-infused waters of this worthwhile time-waster please drop by for a how-do! We'd love to have you visit, and even more, we'd love to see YOU there!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Know Again!

Once again newsstands across Canada (and mailboxes of subscribers around the world) are unwittingly cluttered up with doodles à la Glen as the new issue of Canada's science mag for curious kids, Know magazine, hits the streets. This time it's a crazy cover and my regular tumultuous 2-page puzzle spread Know Fun, both featuring this issue's theme: small pets.

Below you'll find a cropped detail of one of the four puzzles from the current issue. As an extra special, behind-the-scenes, top secret added bonus this is an earlier, differently coloured look at this particular puzzle! For the real shebang you'll just have to plunk down a few hard earned shekels though. Whadda think this is - the library?!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Things are once again hip, hop, happening here at the hacienda. So I'll have to beg off a proper post until I can find the time to come up with something to amuse youse all.

In the meanwhile?... a quick look at the always amazing Charles Harper via a sextet of super scrumptious sketches I posted over at my Flickr photostream recently.

Plus!!! Coming soon-ish...

A totally tubular tour of treasured tiki talismen, from the expansive (and increasingly dusty) "Mullaly Polynesian (by way of Japan and Hong Kong) Collection".

Another visit from the always unpopular "Diggin Through the Vault" feature, where we take a long look back at musty old Glen art pulled out from behind the filing cabinet during last week's biennial vacuuming. This go-round we may, or may not, see the aging image below.

And how about a comprehensive nine-part, in-depth look at the financial worth and popularity of a mediocre (I wish!) website? On second thought... maybe not.

And finally... a spotlight on my local and regional movie theaters, and the late 1970s films they screened that skewed the psyche of many of us 35-45 year olds. Be forewarned that the levels of nostalgia on this one will exceed Health Canada's and the NRC's recommended exposure limits! Lead x-ray bibs and foil hats are strongly advised.

Hope to see you here! Then!