Thursday, January 8, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Things are once again hip, hop, happening here at the hacienda. So I'll have to beg off a proper post until I can find the time to come up with something to amuse youse all.

In the meanwhile?... a quick look at the always amazing Charles Harper via a sextet of super scrumptious sketches I posted over at my Flickr photostream recently.

Plus!!! Coming soon-ish...

A totally tubular tour of treasured tiki talismen, from the expansive (and increasingly dusty) "Mullaly Polynesian (by way of Japan and Hong Kong) Collection".

Another visit from the always unpopular "Diggin Through the Vault" feature, where we take a long look back at musty old Glen art pulled out from behind the filing cabinet during last week's biennial vacuuming. This go-round we may, or may not, see the aging image below.

And how about a comprehensive nine-part, in-depth look at the financial worth and popularity of a mediocre (I wish!) website? On second thought... maybe not.

And finally... a spotlight on my local and regional movie theaters, and the late 1970s films they screened that skewed the psyche of many of us 35-45 year olds. Be forewarned that the levels of nostalgia on this one will exceed Health Canada's and the NRC's recommended exposure limits! Lead x-ray bibs and foil hats are strongly advised.

Hope to see you here! Then!

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