Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Know Again!

Once again newsstands across Canada (and mailboxes of subscribers around the world) are unwittingly cluttered up with doodles à la Glen as the new issue of Canada's science mag for curious kids, Know magazine, hits the streets. This time it's a crazy cover and my regular tumultuous 2-page puzzle spread Know Fun, both featuring this issue's theme: small pets.

Below you'll find a cropped detail of one of the four puzzles from the current issue. As an extra special, behind-the-scenes, top secret added bonus this is an earlier, differently coloured look at this particular puzzle! For the real shebang you'll just have to plunk down a few hard earned shekels though. Whadda think this is - the library?!!!


K0dama said...

Nice work - everybody loves a parade!

Glen Mullaly said...

Thanks! Yep, as the Banana Splits so eloquently wrote - "It's a Good Day for a Parade!"