Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Important Visitor!

The recent announcement of the final travel plans, long rumored but finally set in stone, of a very important American visitor to Canada during the third week of February has things a' buzzing here at World Headquarters.

This will be the first visit to the True North by this new face on the international scene who brings with them the promise of hope, change, and better cross-boarder relations. It has yet to be revealed what the topics to be covered during these high-level meetings will be, but I'm assured by someone in-the-know that they'll cover all the bases.

So here's wishing all the best to this historic Canada-U.S. summit, and to an only increasingly closer partnership between these two!

For the unromantic amongst you feel free to believe I was writing about this.


Todd Franklin said...

I'm sure it will be historic!

K0dama said...

I suspect that both sides will find this visit enjoyable and exciting!

A. Moureux said...

From all the talking head chatter and pundit scuttlebutt I'm expecting great things from this tête à tête.