Thursday, January 28, 2010

On Hiatus?!

Well... if it wasn't obvious from the scarcity of new posts here at GMDC...TB wonderful things have been occupying my time recently. Let's make a list, shall we?...

-Packed up all my worldly belongings (including my surprisingly heavy toy, book, vintage magazine, and vintage record collections) for the first time in twelve years.

-Moved to Joanne and my new (old) house. YAY! (I'm living out of boxes until Joanne gets here. See below for details).

- Crazily rushing around getting last minute travel plans made.

- Crazily rushing around getting last minute work deadlines done.

- Crazily rushing around getting last minute wedding preparations done.

Because... I'm off to Florida once again. This time though, I'm coming back with a wife. (I hope!)

So, the above reasons... plus the wedding, honeymoon, packing up the remainder of Joanne's house, a short road trip to meet the extended family, and a two-week road trip across the US and up to Canada I think are sufficient reasons to put the blog on hold for a bit.

I hope to still send off the occasional missive. But I expect they'll be few and far between for the next two or three months.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great late winter and spring, and see you soon!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Know for January!

It's that time again boys and girls... the new issue of Know Magazine has hit the stands and mailboxes of eager science-minded youngsters across Canada (and soon all of North America - details to follow in the future!)

This issue is focused on, not coincidentally due to the small sporting meet occurring in neighbouring Vancouver and Whistler next month, winter sports.

In November I posted a detail of some of the pencil roughs from one of the four puzzles I created for my regular Know Fun feature. So here's the finished images from the same game. (For the instructions and the whole Know Fun spread you'll just have to pick up the mag. I've got to make a living y'know!)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Post-Christmas Post

Christmas and New Years were fantastic with my sweetie down Florida way, but things are wrapping up for this, my last trip down that I won't be coming back with a new wife. So for the next few months the activity level here at ye olde blog will be even lighter than the light level it's been recently... with two moves (one of 3000 kms!), a wedding, honeymoon, immigration paperwork and all those minor details to deal with.

So thanks for your patience. I'll be checking in occasionally with updates on life, but it might be well into March before things pick up around these here parts.

In the meantime, and to cap off the holiday season, Joanne has posted the front of the Christmas card I made for her this year (we'll spare youse all the romantic mush from the inside!) over at her swellerific Flickr stream. Have a wonderful 2010!