Sunday, November 15, 2009

Work in Progress

With the Winter Olympics rapidly approaching in nearby Vancouver and Whistler B.C. it's not surprising that one of the jobs I have on the go right now is a winter sports-themed children's magazine spread due for a coincidental release in January/February 2010.

Above are a couple of pencil sketches from that project in their original form. Sometimes when I have a lot of little spot illos on a larger spread I rough them out on a number of different pieces of paper at different sizes (fer instance... the roughs above won't be next to each other in the final) and then composite them together later. That way I'm not as constrained and can concentrate on the individual elements. Of course I then have to make them work together, but I have more choices about how I do it.

I'll post this section of the final printed piece when the magazine hits the stands.


TheZealot said...

You're drawing work is classic - I don't know how I've missed this blog.
Thanks for sharing your inspiration and keep posting.

Glen Mullaly said...

Thanks for the kind words TZ!