Sunday, November 8, 2009

Flickr Fun - Finally!

Forgive me friends, it's been over a month since my last Flickr post.

This was due partially to the busy-ness of things lately creeping into my free time. BUT... mainly because I've just not picked up a lot of vintage books and magazines over the past year due to...

- Having a REAL LIFE at last!

- Finally running through the gigantic stack of vintage kids books and mags I bought at an estate sale two years ago.

- Almost depleting my Charlie Harper-filled stash of Ford Times publications from the 1950s purchased at the Paper Show also a couple years ago. But on that account, at least, there's enough for two last sets of images starting with the batch I uploaded yesterday!

- Recently finishing off a stash of old books and ephemera from my last US road trip a year ago.

Things should pick up again soon though, with the big bi-annual Paper Show at the end of the month (I was out of the country when the last one occurred), and a cross-continent road trip/move happening in the Spring that could afford the opportunity to hopefully run across some some vintage paper on the way back from Florida to B.C.

And even if I don't find much in the way of things to post to Flickr at least I'll get a wife and a lifetime of love out of the deal.

Not a bad consolation prize.

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