Sunday, January 3, 2010

Post-Christmas Post

Christmas and New Years were fantastic with my sweetie down Florida way, but things are wrapping up for this, my last trip down that I won't be coming back with a new wife. So for the next few months the activity level here at ye olde blog will be even lighter than the light level it's been recently... with two moves (one of 3000 kms!), a wedding, honeymoon, immigration paperwork and all those minor details to deal with.

So thanks for your patience. I'll be checking in occasionally with updates on life, but it might be well into March before things pick up around these here parts.

In the meantime, and to cap off the holiday season, Joanne has posted the front of the Christmas card I made for her this year (we'll spare youse all the romantic mush from the inside!) over at her swellerific Flickr stream. Have a wonderful 2010!


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