Thursday, January 22, 2009

Handy-Dandy Calendar!

I know we're more than a week away from the start of next month (and only 23 days, not 31 as someone mistakenly mentioned, from the second Saturday!), but in an attempt to bring my rapacious readers money-saving and strictly practical items from time to time, I thought I'd be prepared and share with you this ever-so-useful 28 day calendar for the month of Solmonath (Anglo-Saxon for mud month), Kale-monath (A.S again, named for cabbage), Hornung (so-named by Charlemagne), or as we like to call it these days... February!

I can't quite figure out why this 1960 calendar from the pages of Humpty Dumpty's children's magazine seems to have been updated to be accurate for 2009, but I'm not one to argue! Click the image for the large size, print it out, and then be sure to use it for dentist appointments, scheduled car servicing, monthly smoke alarm testing, compost turnings or any other important events you can think of!


K0dama said...

I think I'll print it out right now!

Glen Mullaly said...

Good for you! I know you've been worried about missing that root canal on the 26th.