Monday, February 4, 2008

Oh Happy Day!

I finally updated the Gallery page at my website! Check out some newer illustrations and new versions of some almost new illos. Also - newish takes on not-quite-as-new stuff, and newier stuff that was new at one time but is now new not-so-much.

Coming soon on this blog: Watch this space for the first installment of the eagerly anticipated ( if only by those who enjoy looking at washed-out, grainy, 30-plus year old Instamatic photos of well-used kid's clothing worn unstylishly by a helmet-haired geek ) episode of... "The Glen Mullaly Television and Motion Picture related T-shirts of the 1970s Retrospective Spectacular!"

You've been warned.


ticky said...

Note taken! I'll be on the lookout ;-)

Crackity Jones said...

I hope this "helmet haired geek" doesn't mind you posting all those pictures of him.

John said...

just had to say wow! this is great. the trees remind me of Mary Blair and Art Seiden.

Glen Mullaly said...

Thanks John. They're actually strongly influenced by an uncredited illustrator of a Golden Books Yogi Bear story from, I'm assuming, the mid sixties.