Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Busy as a Bunny!

The old work deadlines are once again piling up 'round these here parts, and so the frequency and length of postings at GLENMULLALY.COM...The Blog have been sorely neglected.
Fear not - true believer! I've plenty of inconsequential ramblings on the back burner including another vintage animation background feature, the long overdue latest installment of "Diggin' Through the Vaults " a look at some of my print illustration work that, for one ratsin' - fratsin' reason or another, didn't make it to print, and a hard hitting photo investigation into the truth behind "Birthday Cakes of the Late 1960s and 70s"!

For the time being, however, please make do with a small helping of Easter flavoured vintage illustrations at the best-darn photo sharing site this side of Albuquerque.

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