Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Squeak, Squeak, Squeak! ( translation: Vote for Us!* )

With the near constant coverage of the U.S. Presidential Primaries south of the border over the last many months I thought I'd let everyone know about an opportunity for all us non-Americans ( okay, Americans can vote too! ) to cast their ballot on a subject of worldwide importance...

The Softies Awards finalists were announced this week, and it just so happens that my good friend, the immensely talented Little Acorn has had the above grouping shortlisted in the "Fun Picnic Foods" category. Should you be so inclined ( and I hope you are ) head on over to her post on this subject for links on the contest and how to vote ( super easy, no sign-up required ). Thank you.

****UPDATE : Congratulations to Little Acorn... the mice are happy to announce that she won! Thanks to everyone who voted.

*Translation services provided by FreeRodentTranslations.com

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