Friday, May 23, 2008

Coming Soon to a Blog Near You!

It's time once again for a sneak peak at upcoming GLENMULLALY.COM... The Blog!!! & Flickr posts for the next month or two. In no particular order we have... ( above ) a great batch of Dan Lawler cover and interior art from late 50s and early 60s Humpty Dumpty magazines.

Below: A look inside the the mind of a man with incredible powers to locate goofy thrift store and swap meet finds and then who spends too much time photographing said finds to share with people he doesn't know that well, most of whom could likely care less that he paid a dollar at a church sale for this boss 1960s Kreskin game!

Another episode in the highly popular series... Vintage Kid Illustration Classics II : The Wrath of Smath.

A comprehensive two-part look back at the wonderful world of Kid Glen's birthday cakes. All lovingly and creatively brought to life in glorious 60s "Blur-Tastic " black & white, and super 70s "Cull-R Krectid" colour from the talented icing tubes of Kid Glen's Mom. ( Be sure to wear your party hat! )

A surprise find : Vintage Pete Hawley illustrated cards - Part Deux!

What would birthday cakes of the 70s be without Kid Glen's Toys of the 70s!

Once more we dive head first into the mixed-up land of Crazy Colouring Pages!

Yeah, that's right... I'm on a first name basis with B & E! You wanna make somthin' of it?!

"Do you have lots of pictures and ephemera pertaining to a long disappeared family slot car business from the late 1960s?", you ask? Indeed I do.

Indeed I do.

Plus stylized illustrations galore from the great Charles Harper, Kid Glen draws the Solitary Man, George of the Jungle... but not that George of the Jungle, freaky family portraits and much, much, more.



Ronn Roxx said...

Just letting you know that I am at least one reader who loved seeing the Kreskin game. And congrats on the personally signed post card from Ernie & Bert... you're the man!

A blog reader from South Surrey, BC
Ronn Roxx

Glen Mullaly said...

Thanks Ronn! Since I know you're a fan - did you check out my 3 part Captain Canuck feature?