Thursday, July 24, 2008

Growing Up Star Wars!

I thought I'd let those of you who don't regularly check out my flicker photostream know that you're missing out on all the fun of a swell (if I do say so myself) new group that The Mayor of Neato Coolville (Todd Franklin), Aparofan (Mike Middleton), and myself started a couple of moons ago.

"Growing Up Star Wars: 1977-1985" is a cacophonous collection of kooky colour Kodaks collating the craze known as Star Wars through the eyes of us who was youngsters first time 'round. Photos of Star Wars themed birthday cakes, Halloweens, local public appearances, kid drawings, Christmases and all other local, personal Star Wars related happenings from 1977-1985 as seen from a childhood perspective.

The response was extremely positive and the blogosphere lit up (okay... faintly glowed) from the excitement of over 10,000 mentions in the first week alone. The amount and variety of wonderful photos has really been amazing - from terrified children in the grasp of a promotional Darth Vader knock-offs to near apoplectic shock as kids open the first wave of Star Wars toys at 1978 birthday parties.

Super-fun kid's drawings and crafts, and even a couple of examples from epic length stabs at unlicensed Star Wars comic book sequels. With locations ranging from Canadian car dealerships to Missouri grocery stores, British kitchens to Middle Eastern bedrooms it's a truly international look back at the worldwide Star Wars phenomenon in it's infancy.

So why not drop by for a visit? Maybe it'll even encourage you to dig out those old Polaroids of you and your little brother in your brand new Star Wars iron-on t-shirts from 1979. Or that drawing of Chewbacca that your Grandmother kept on her fridge for 2 years. Or even your bedroom floor turned into a toy-filled Battle of Endor complete with giant pet cat!

We'd love to see them too.


tillytoo9 said...

This is so stinkin' funny....

Ward Jenkins said...

I think that this is a great idea, Glen. And you couldn't be more perfect to start the group up yourself!

Glen Mullaly said...

Thanks Ward. I know you're the perfect age to have some goofy pics or crazy vintage kid drawings that would fit in the group. Yes?

Paula said...

Nice job on the Stormtrooper hat on the first picture. My brother was big into Star Wars when we were kids. Now some thirty years later I live with a husband who is obsessed with it too! Guess there is no escaping the force!