Thursday, February 5, 2009

Crazy Cork Board Clean-Up Contest!

Whilst cleaning up the ol' studio today of accumulated junk and eraser shavings I grabbed a handful of items attached to, or resting on top of, the cork board adjacent to my drafting table. So for my first official, honest-to-goodness-no-kidding-folks contest (valuable grand prize - your wasted time! That way everyone's a winner!... except your work or spouse, of course), see how many of these knick-knacks, do-dads, thingamajigs, and plain old pop-culture artifacts you can identify!

These not-so precious treasures date from the early 1970s to 2008, so educated guesses and made-up answers count!

I was going to stipulate that friends, employees, and family members of employees of Glen Blog are ineligible to enter - but that would pretty much rule everyone out!



K0dama said...

I dig the jaunty super hero in the top left corner! I'm also particularly attracted to the "Watch Me Wiggle" sticker ;)

Glen Mullaly said...

Okay, I'm writing this down... "jaunty" & "wiggler".

Got it!

Tim said...

Flying Electric Blue Disc Boy - Jaunty Man's sidekick

Disks from a dismantled hard drive - probably containing the highly secret but very boring government information.

Two conflicting fortunes used to justify procrastination and sloth.

Get Bent - What my 16 year-old step son says to me every morning when I greet him.

That's all I have time for. But I do love the tail end of the old ZOOM logo. I always wanted to be on that show.

Glen Mullaly said...

Tim: You've taken the lead!

Chris said...

hah,.. "zoom." I so remember that show. What a blast from the past.

Okay,.. some kind of paper with the "Zoom" logo, an old hard-drive disk, two fortunes from a couple of fortune cookies up top. I see Bender and Krusty buttons, and what looks like a sticker or something with the "Mad magazine" logo.

Two old 45 records from Herb Alpert,... a guitar pick, and a plastic eyeball from an old stuffed animal maybe?

That's all I got for now. ;o)

Glen Mullaly said...

Okay... so here's what's been identified (sort-of) so far:

-"Wiggle Me" sticker from an Archie McPhee Fez-hatted Monkey bobble head

-"Jaunty Superhero" paper figure from the front of a home-made birthday card I received

- Two discs from the hard drive of my old Mac G4 salvaged before recycling

-Two recent fortune cookie fortunes that correctly predicted the future

-Futurama and Simpsons buttons

-Repro "Zoom" (1970s Kid's TV show) sticker (thanks to Jason Liebig!)

-Mad logo cut out from a copy of an early 70s cover of Mad magazine that was in tatters and heading for the recycling bin

-Two images from "also available" ad from the back cover of a Herb Alpert & the TJB album (also headed for recycling)

-Guitar pick (the same type I've used for almost 20 years since my early punk rock band years)

-Eye ball (the second JUST got cropped out of the photo) from a late 80s early 90s Boglin toy...

Good job so far... but there's still 11 more items to identify. Get sleuthing!!!

Tim said...

Just poking into the picture on the right I see what looks like an old digital readout watch. Possibly one where you had to use your other hand to push a button so it would light up and show the time, thereby defeating the convenience of having the time displayed on your wrist. Extra points if the readout was red like the one I had in HS.

I want to hear more about your punk rock band days. You show me your mohawk and I'll show you mine!

Tim said...

Cracker Jack Trading Card of a drunk Clark Kent bearing his chest in a hairy chest contest. He was able to cover up his mistake by saying he was attending a costume party later in the evening. I believe this is from DC Comics Issue #285 entitled Superman on the Skids which details his slow decent into alcoholism.

Tiki Santa sticker. Unknown origin.

Two tiki bottle stoppers or possibly game pieces for the popular parlor game Partiki. Or is it Tikcheesi?

Following an intensive and time consuming forensic investigation of the internet which may have cost me my marriage and my job: a bumpersticker for The Supersuckers, a Calgary band I believe.

Still not clear on the Ripoff car or the bongo girl bumpersticker.

Glen Mullaly said...

I commend you on your efforts Tim! Hope you can patch things up with work and your wife...

- Good eyes on the 4 pound digital watch from the mid-eighties! Not LED unfortunately (like my glowing red Star Wars watch from 1978), but plain old LCD. But it weighs a ton. Only on my second battery since I got it new, but since it sits pinned to the cork board it doesn't get used often enough to wear things down.

-Correct on the Clark Kent Crackerjack prize. This was picked up on the side of the road by my elderly great uncle in the early 1990s along with other detritus and lovingly mailed in an envelope to my sister and I.

-Santa Tiki is in fact a telephone doodle I did 10 years ago that turned into "OHOHO" the Tiki god of Christmas...

-The other Tikis (3, in fact) are soft plastic pencil toppers!

-Good research on the Supersuckers bumper sticker. One of my favourite bands. From just south of me in Seattle, Washington.

-Also from that area comes the 5 year anniversary bumper sticker of the amazingly wonderful "Cool and Strange Magazine".

-The "RRRRRIP-OFF!" car is cut-out from an early 70s plastic model catalog, and fell off a drawing/collage I made at the time with a bunch of them on it that I recently discovered. I'll glue it back on eventually.

So that leaves just two items: one on the lower left (above the dark brown tiki topper) and the yellow and red item to the right of the "Wiggle" sticker.

And as far as the punk rock band goes... I'll leave that for a full blog post one day.

Tim said...

That face in the bottom left corner of the picture was bothering the heck out of me. At first I thought it was Mark Linn-Baker of Perfect Strangers fame, but then I started trying to suss out the text and "Hey Margolis" jump out of my brain and I realized it was one of the Hudson Brothers. Man, I thought the shock therapy had purged those years from my mind. I'm gonna ask for my money back!

Still no idea on the Luv Pie button. It looks familiar and I'm sure that R on the apron means something but I just can't figure it out.

Glen Mullaly said...

Tim: Once again... good job! That's a "Hey Margolis!" sticker from the Hudson Brothers Razzle Dazzle box set DVD I got for Christmas (along with "Quark") from friends.

The "Luv Pie" button I can't remember were it's from. But I like it and have had it for 10 or 15 years.

David said...

I hope when you someday write in detail of your punk rock days, you'll expound on how you "redefined the role of organ in contemporary sounds".

Glen Mullaly said...

David: Only if you tell me about your secret job at the "Love Den"!