Sunday, July 12, 2009

Behind the Blog!

As one or two of you chicken hawk-eyed readers may have noticed things have once again been especially slow around GLENMULLALY.COM... The Blog in recent weeks. It's tough to pull myself away from spending a boffo-whammo-spectacularly-uh-HUH! month in balmy climes with my super-duper sweetie to write about vintage illustration, (and I LOVE vintage illustration) ... so you know I must be enjoying myself.

Even working on the house doing minor repairs, renovations and fix-ups is a great change from the daily grind of my regular old pre-sweetie life. But as my month in Florida enters the final stretch I realized how much in danger of losing my Blogger decoder ring and winking membership pin I am by neglecting my double-extra- ultra-sworn blogitudinal duties.

I do have a wonderful vintage kid's book find from this past weekend's road trip to Tallahassee that I hope to post in the next few days - but until then you'll plain have to put up with this particularly poor post pertaining to my paucity of periodic posting.

Or something like that.

1 comment:

D. said...

What will you do with your time without minor repairs, renovations and fix-ups to do when you're back home?

You're gonna go plum crazy, having to go cold turkey on minor repairs, renovations and fix-ups.


Also, Krispy Kreme is a $100 five-hour round trip from your Canadian home.