Friday, June 22, 2007

Diggin' Through the Vault Pt. 1

Howdy folks!!! This is the first in a series of occasional posts where I'll be digging through my old files and seeing what I uncover. One man's trash is another's treasure so .....

First up for today is one printed and one rejected cover for Monday Magazine, a local alternative weekly newspaper. I ended up doing four or five covers for these fine folks in '97 and '98. One of which you will find above, "Secrets of Victoria" ( not to be confused with a certain woman's underthings retailer. Now THAT would have been a sweet contract! ) This was back in my pre-Photoshop days when I coloured all my work with markers ( thank you Xylene for my current lapses of memory! ). I remember having a tough time trying to get the green and gray areas flat without any masking. Ahhh... the good old days.

My favourite covers for Monday though were the ones they didn't pick. Take for instance the example below... Canadian PM Jean Chretien, Bill Clinton, Indonesian President Suharto and the gang were going to be in Vancouver for for the annual APEC ( Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation ) meeting. Although the big news out of the event concerned the RCMP's handling of protesters, beforehand the focus was on wealth. So I roughed up this Godzilla-style cover. The editor instead picked a roller-coaster themed cover in which I had the world leaders in a coaster car at the top of a peak enjoying their fantastic wealth. My style has changed a bit in ten years but I still like this wacky cover.

See you next time!

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