Friday, October 26, 2007

Kostume Kraziness : Part 2

Continuing on from our loopy last post we once again celebrate that wacky artifact of Octobers past, the kid's Halloween costume photo. Beginning today's entry we have four year old me decked out in the the most up-to-date ( for 1972 that is ) fashion for the in clown crowd. Crepe paper and an old housecoat, who needs more?

We move on to 1975 or so for this group shot of a test costume fitting from an early attempt to stage an adaptation of the unreleased fourth book from the The Lord of the Ring series - "Psst... Hey, Buddy... Wanna Buy A Ring?", at our local children's repertoire theatre. What, don't you remember the part where the great wizard Gandalf The Red enlists the aid of Whiskers the Were-Kitten, Casper the Friendly Ghost ( by the fourth book Tolkien had sold out and started licensing tie-ins with other established properties ), and the Hobbit clown twins to set out on an epic search for a reasonably-priced Bar Mitzvah ring for his sister Rose's boy Herschel in Passaic?

By the time 1978 arrived I had my Star Wars freak on, complete with cash-in lightsabre ( unlicensed golf-club-protector-tube-on-a-flashlight version ), and my Mark Hamill helmet hair.
My sister once again went for the daring, cutting-edge choice of a princess, but it was a close friend who makes this shot with what was his take on the Punk Rock look ( note red plastic knife tied to leg for that touch of intimidation! ). In retrospect it's more Gene Simmons meets pages 93 through 116 of the womens clothing section of the 1973 Sears Fall Catalog, but at least he was trying.


Todd Franklin said...

Great snapshots! Good thing we didn't meet on the streets when we were trick or treating as I was Darth Vader that year complete with Kenner's inflatable lightsaber.

Glen Mullaly said...

I did meet a homemade Darth that year as a classmate covered the same trick-or-treating area in his cardboard box-bodied ( held up by orange yarn, if I remember correctly ) Dark Lord of the Sith costume. I do remember a lightsaber duel but I think his was bladeless so it was a little anti-climactic.