Tuesday, October 23, 2007


After 50 years of collecting toy cars, model kits, trains and other related items my dad has decided to finally sell off the bulk of this area of his collection at this Sunday's Victoria Toy Show ( Western Canada's largest don't cha know! ) with lil ol' me lending a helping hand.
Not all the toys are in as nice as shape as the 1960s model kits shown above or the other objects in my latest Flickr batch, but the selection will be extensive and the prices rock-bottom. As well as the automotively skewed playthings we'll have hundreds of other vintage toys for sale, ranging from the 1930s to the early 1980s.

If you're going to be on Vancouver Island this weekend be sure and drop by!


lionel lines fan said...

Well to be honest I am a bit surprised to read that you are content with your father FINALLY selling off his toys. Think about that for a minute. Personally, I can not be happy if somebody has to sell off something he has cherished, played with and enjoyed. Nevertheless, I hope you have some fun going through the toys and spend some nice time together organising and selling it.
Yes, Victoria is a nice city to be in, so good sales!


Glen Mullaly said...

Thanks for the note LLF.
I'd be less enthusiastic about my dad getting rid of a very small portion of his very large collection ( the toys we're going to try to sell on Sunday probably make up 1/100th of his remaining collection of all types ) if they we're things he hadn't just bought, put away in boxes, then stored those boxes in unheated sheds or storage units for 20 to 50 years. These badly neglected items ( some that survived well, others that are badly rusted or damaged due to the poor storage ) need to get into the hands of people who will take good care of them. He's keeping anything that has any real meaning to him and I wouldn't want it any other way.
Too bad you're not going to be on this side of the world this weekend as we could use your tin train expertise to value some vintage pieces including a few Gilbert trains ( in their original boxes ) and track.
Are you familiar with Victoria?

lionel lines fan said...

OK, I understand you are not a toy train basher. Sorry for my response, but when I blog-hopped over it, I really wondered about it.
Yes, I visited Victoria in 1998 on a holiday in the summer. I remember the harbour front a Easton? shopping mall in the center and the crystal palace. That was nice. The top of that holiday was Ainsworth hot springs I must admit and the railmuseum in Cranbrook.
Well, if there are any toy trainish left overs that need care, please notify me for a salvage action... Gilbert trains is much less common, I have to dive into my books to find more about them.

Good luck,