Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"George of the Jungle", but not THAT "George of the Jungle"

Here's a bit of an odd one. Instead of my usual tepid tales and nostalgic noodling I'm going to ask for help from the peanut gallery to fill in most of the missing information on the mysterious subject of this perplexing post.

Both my younger sister ( who supplied the button above ) and I have strong, but very fuzzy, memories of attending in 1976 as kids some sort of live in-mall show called "George of the Jungle". I remember a stage, and maybe that it was funny - but that's it. After an exhaustive ten minute Google search I came up bupkis. All the info that I could find consists of what's printed on this exceedingly high quality folded hand-out below that I recently dug up from our long-term storage.

Was is strictly an educational type thing? Was George a real monkey or a guy in a costume? Or maybe even a puppet? ( my guess ). Was the hand-out above distributed through schools or possibly Cub Scouts? Was this a local thing only or did George make his furry way across the continent on a mall to mall tour of the mid-seventies?
Inquiring minds want to know!

So drop a line if you happen to recall any details of "George of the Jungle"... but not that "George of the Jungle".


Well, no one's written in to say that they too barely remember this event, but I did find a newspaper ad from a copy of a March 1976 Nanaimo Daily Free Press local newspaper. The search continues!

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