Sunday, June 22, 2008


I recently ran across a copy of an early 1997 profile of yours truly from "Illustrator", the newsletter of a local arts group, The Island Illustrators Society. I was a member for a few years in the the mid 90s and as they selected one of us each month to focus on I guess it was my turn to be featured.
Since more often than not the profiles were fairly pretentious ( with all due respect to pretentious artists ) and humourless ( with all due respect to the humourless ) I thought I'd push it a bit. I wrangled a good friend, and talented writer, David Roberts to pen most of it with some contributions from myself. It turned out great, but I don't think it went over too well at the time. Some blank stares and even a few confused people ( including a client ) not sure if it was real or not.

Oh well.

At least now, 11 long years later, you get to see, albeit really smallish, some of my goofy old work. ( be sure to click the pages for larger, readable versions ) For a larger, slightly revised ( note the number of fingers on the central character! ) colour version of the Dragsville cover on the first page click here .


Todd Franklin said...

I wish a had a butler! Fun article!

Glen Mullaly said...

Yep, it's the only way to live!