Thursday, October 2, 2008

Back in the Swing of Things!

I'm back from a eight day road trip through the northwest of the U.S. of A and have a trunk load of great vintage kid's books, magazines, and other fun stuff to blog about over the next few months.

Up first is a swell Mel Crawford illustrated ( one of at least three I've seen ) Rootie Kazootie Little Golden book from 1954. For more from this classic check out my most recent posting on Flickr (the photo - and other thing! - sharing site).

Below is a look at some of the finds I brought back. Lot's of kid's books and mags, vintage paper goods ( including a Jim Flora cover ) , more late 70's Star Wars type-stuff from my childhood, vintage mechanical pencils and toys, a whole whack o' 50s-70's vinyl ( that's a sealed Sammy Davis Junior Alka-Seltzer promo LP on top! Yes, I know I'm the only one excited about that - hence the $3.95 price sticker), some mostly out-of-print 90s and 2000s rock and punk cds, and even a new Tiki book!

This combined with the other great loot from my recent local one-day thrifting trip should keep me busy for a while!


Marilyn said...

What a haul!!

Todd Franklin said...

Welcome back! That's some nice loot you scored on! That Sammy Davis Alka-Seltzer LP is great and yes I have that catchy tune on my ipod. I see you picked up the Illustrated Empire book. I loved that as a kid.