Monday, October 20, 2008

The Iliad and the Odyssey

Eagled-eyed readers of this here bulogue may have noticed in the cluttered jumble of thrift store finds in a recent post a little book that I was very, no... make that VERY... hmmm, still not strong enough... SUPER DOUBLE EXTRA VERY HAPPY to have found after looking for it for the three years that I've known of it's existence.

Published in 1956 and illustrated by childrens book tag team masters, and husband and wife team Alice and Martin Provensen it is, in my extremely biased opinion, one the the finest illustrated kid's books I've ever seen. In fact I like it so much that it pre-emptively influenced a job I did last year on a similar theme.

So if any of this hyperbolic hyperbole has got yer attenzione then take an odyssey of your own through a few pages of this treasure that I've shared on my flickr photostream.


Marc Hudgins said...

Thanks so much for that! Great find, and one that I've been after myself.

Glen Mullaly said...

Yep. On the same visit at the same amazing thrift store book department I also found, among other items, Mary Blair's "Little Verses" for 50 cents and a full set of 13 volumes of the 1964 Childcraft books ( with art the Provensens, Charles Harper, Vernon McKissack and others ) for 99 cents! It was a good thrift.