Monday, November 3, 2008

Yes and Know!

It that time again! The new issues of Yes and Know magazines, Canada's favourite science mags for kids, have hit the newsstands. This month you have double the Glen goodness with a cover and spread to enjoy.

The latest issue of Yes (above) features a Roman-type chariot race on the cover by yours truly. I enlarged a couple of sections from it to share as a sneak peek a while back on my flickr photostream...

Cover detail 1
Cover detail 2 (this one features a literally behind-the-scene view of the crowd)

... but to enjoy the whole shebang you'll just have to haul yerself down to the local bookstore or newsstand kid's magazine rack .

AND... the November / December issue of Know spotlights my regular "Know Fun" puzzles and games feature. This issue's theme of "Peculiar Plants" was fun to turn into a very busy puzzle filled with wacky people and plants. For a small sneak preview click here.

Both of these publications are brought to you by the swell bunch of good eggs at Peter Piper Publishing and I can't recommend them highly enough.

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