Sunday, December 7, 2008

Diggin' Through the Audio Vault

Back in December 2003, long before this here blog, I contributed a post to the WFMU 365 Days Project, a daily audio posting of unusual music and audio from the collections of fans of cool & strange listening pleasures from around the world. Since I've just been made aware of the fact the 2008 marks the 80th anniversary of the first appearance in print ads of The Jolly Green Giant I thought it'd be a swell time to dig up, once again, this auditory oddity. Now all my bloggy friends can ogle this swanky 1949, 6½" 78rpm disc celebrating JGG's 20th birthday (yeah I know... the dates are a bit fuzzy here. But go with me on this willya?...). And best of all - if you follow this link (and click the blue arrow to play) , you can read the whole story, marvel at the wonder that is the B side of this rockin' red record, all whilst (and at the same time) listening to the whole shebang in it's scratchy, scarlet sonoriocity!

Ho, Ho, hold on to your headphones!

With a big thanks to my pal Brian Linds for digitizing this for me - five years later and I still don't have a turntable that plays 78s!

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