Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Greetings from the South!

I'm enjoying a wonderful week and a half with my fiancee in the panhandle of Florida right now. So I thought I'd post some quick images from the last few days to tide y'all (hmm... I seem to be picking up some of the local customs!) over.

Below you'll find a scary assortment of disembodied doll bodies (at least I hope they're doll bodies!) at a local antiques mall. I think the stick heads on a few of them just scream "Buy me!"

If ghostly beheaded figures don't do it for you how about a celebration of Florida's space faring history as rendered in bits of door hardware and copper sheeting? "Houston, we have a problem. It seems the giant gate latch on our side just fell off!"

And finally...

So, back to the normal bloggy goodness next week. Until then, as they say in these here parts..."Shalom!"


Marilyn said...

Thanks for the post. Love the wind blown effect in the first shot.
Hope the weather is not cramping your style too much.

David said...

Are people there upset that their Fox affiliate is the only one in the nation that refused to air "Osbornes Reloaded?" I can only assume that they've taken to the streets.

Glad you're having a good time!

Todd Franklin said...

Look at those smilin' faces! Wow, that hardware space art is probably a rare priceless piece created by Armstrong, Bob Armstrong that is!