Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Shameless Self Promotion Dept: Part 2!

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The proud people of Peter Piper Publishing (say that five time fast!), publishers of Yes and Know magazines are having a Big Spring Cleaning Sale of books, magazine bundles, and t-shirts. So in the spirit of shameless shilling might I suggest that now's the time to stock up on those Glen Mullaly collectibles you've been wanting to invest in - including the award winning "Virus" cover t-shirt available in wondrous white...

The hysterically accurate "Leonardo" cover shirt in beautiful brown or passionate pink...

Plus... bundles of back issue Yes and Know magazines (as pictured above). Since you get to choose the issues you receive I'll just get you started by mentioning that my "Know Fun" puzzles and games feature appears in every issue of Know, along with the three covers I've done for that magnificent mag (two of which are posted at the top of this entry). As well, my work appears in a couple dozen issues of Yes from 2002 - 2005, including the covers above.

So any way you cut it's an offer that's too good to last. Be sure and tell 'em "Great Deal" Glen sent you!

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K0dama said...

As an owner of the pink shirt, I can confirm that it is indeed "passionate."