Friday, May 22, 2009

Glen + Florida = Neglected Blog!

I'm once again in the southern U.S. for a couple weeks doing important work like you see above - so this blog, my Flickr and, by extension, you my treasured reader have to suffer the heartbreak of going without your regular dose of Glenicillin.

Luckily I'll arrive back in a week with my internal batteries recharged, ready to take on the Blogosphere anew.

Or something like that.


marilyn said...

Oh no, does this mean you are now half American? Andrew Jackson favoured Indian removal and slavery...oh well at least he was a democrat.
(Great shot by the way)

Todd Franklin said...

Fun photo and very clever!

David said...

But shenanigans like this just take away from time that could be spent at Chow Time!!!

K0dama said...

Oh we went to Chow Time alright!