Thursday, June 4, 2009

Diggin' Through Vault: Pt. 4

Let me know if I'm posting this feature (spotlighting un-, or under used illustrations from my past) too often, but since it's been exactly one year to the day since my last stab at DTTV I thought I'd try to squeeze another one in.

Occasionally, whilst working on a magazine or book job, an image that has made it to the pencil, or even once in a blue moon, the inking stage, gets cut through no fault of the illustrator. In the case of the unfinished pencil sketch above for a children's magazine a last minute story rewrite eliminated the character pictured - thus the need for the illustration.

In fact, this was the second version of this image I submitted. The first had wider dimensions, with a longer bench and more pigeons. But a change in the need for more text space put the kibosh on that one.

For images that DID make it into that job check out this, and this.

Since there was something I liked about this character that I didn't want to go to waste, I used him as inspiration for a related character in a later magazine spread...


Todd Franklin said...

Yes, more from the Vault please!! Has it really been a year?

Glen Mullaly said...

We'll... I did post a "Diggin' Through the AUDIO Vault" a while back.

But I'm not counting that.

I guess it's a week of returning goodness on our favourite blogs!