Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy, Happy Birthday!

You will, I trust, excuse this post being a day late. I figure that having fun celebrating my fiancee's birthday (our first together!) in person (I'm down here in Florida again for a month) takes priority over celebrating it blogospherally.

We had a wonderful day, breakfast at the Waffle House with her parents, a visit to Sam's Club (my first) , back home for presents and a nice early afternoon. Then off to see "Up" in 3D, more shopping at Old Navy and Borders. Then a very tasty and intimate dinner at a surprisingly good local restaurant followed by picking up some excellent treats from the adjoining Italian bakery for later that night.

Topped of with a journey to the amazing world of Okami whilst couch cuddling... who could ask for anything more!

So here are a few of the more personal items Joanne received on her special day... at the top of this post is the front of her birthday card from me. Below are the three t-shirts I made up for her, clockwise from upper left: Happynard P Phlomegnome from this recent post, a Metropolis movie poster custom image, and the world's only official wearable.

I believe the gift certificates she got will be shared on her brand spankin' new blog sometime soon - so keep your eyes peeled for that as well.

Now to start planning for next year!


David said...

Happy belated birthday, Joanne. Looks like you kids had a swell day!

David said...

By the way, I envy anybody who gets to experience the wonders of Okami for the first time.

Glen Mullaly said...

We did have a swell day. And yes... experiencing Okami is quite a wonder.

Move over "We Love Katamari"!

K0dama said...

Thanks David! We had a great time, and Okami is soooo much fun I just want to run around and feed the animals.

David said...

Feeding the animals is good for your soul.

Todd Franklin said...

Happy Birthday to Joanne! Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday!