Monday, September 17, 2007

Me and the Cap'n : Episode 3

Continuing our ( and by "our" I of course mean "my", judging by the deluge of comments I'm getting on my riveting reminisces regarding that underwear-wearing champeen of the True North Strong and Free ) look at my short-lived membership in the Captain Canuck Club.

Return with us now to those thrilling days of summer 1980! The Empire Strikes Back had been out for a few months, Hill Street Blues and Magnum P.I. would debut in September and I'd be starting grade 7 in a new school shortly. But shoehorned in amongst those momentous events I received, via the fine folks at Canada Post, my CCC membership kit! Included in this cornucopia of costumed Canadian craziness was an autographed copy of Captain Canuck #10, the loot in my last post, and today's offerings.

For starters we see above a nice close-up of the official ( like anyone would bother making a knock-off! ) Captain Canuck Club membership button offered as an "Early Bird Bonus Gift" to members #500 to #1000 who joined the Club ( members #1 to 499 received "2 Metallic Foil Captain Canuck Stickers" ). I suspect, unfortunately, that the numbers may never have made it that high.
To set the record straight I must disclose that this actual button was supplied for our electronic enjoyment by CCC Member #137 and childhood chum, David. Thank you, kind sir.

The ad had said "personalized" welcoming letter ( which I did receive ) , but I was pleased that the first issue of what was supposed to be a quarterly newsletter was also personalized. It's that kind service that keeps the customers coming back! Did the bigwigs at Marvel personalize every issue of F.O.O.M they sent out? I think not!
Of course the fact that only two issues of the newsletter were ever sent out before CC was canceled takes some wind out of the sails of that argument. More on that in out next, and final ( was that a cheer I heard? ) installment.

Rounding out the kit we have here the two crests included in the membership. On the far right is a slightly older Richard Comely design with a George Freeman version in the middle. On the far left is the first, flocked stab at the newer crest. Despite the prevalence of perms and mustaches in 1980 I think the fuzzy look just didn't suit Cap that well.

Next time : Captain C bows out, parting gifts, and my attempt to continue the CC legacy on plywood. Stay tuned True Believers!

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