Saturday, September 15, 2007

Me and the Cap'n : Episode 2 in late spring 1979 after a 3 year hiatus Captain Canuck returned to the stands. I happily picked up issue 4 since, despite the reduction in size and paper quality, the art had improved thanks to George Freeman and Jean Claude St - Aubin taking over the feature from Richard Comely. The fifth issue followed promptly in two months and I was hooked. By issue 7, at which time Freeman had taken over permanent art chores, I had sent away for my subscription. By issue 9 or 10 I went whole hog and sent in my $6.00 ( a couple weeks allowance, I think ) for my membership in the "All New CAPTAIN CANUCK Club ", or "CCC" to those of us in the know.

In addition to the "Personalized Wallet Sized Member's Card" ( only number 163 - and that included the original members from 1975! ) and the gold coloured sticker you see above I received ( among other items coming in my next couple of posts ) .........

.....a "Personalized 7" x 10" Membership Certificate Suitable For Framing". As the thumbtack holes attest to, this hung proudly on my 11 year old self's wall. Feel free to print this out full size, replacing my name with your own. You'll be the envy of everyone in your Dungeons and Dragons club!

I also mailed away at this time for a spiffy light blue CC t-shirt ( "youths $5.00 - adults $6.00" ). Being 11 or 12 I figured that "youth" was the size to go for. Unfortunately I should have chosen "adult" as within a few washings the aforementioned garment was too small to wear - and that was in 1980 when t-shirts were meant to be worn snug!

Around this time I stumbled across this 3-pack of issues 6, 7 and 8 at a local store. I already had the issues ( actually, at least a couple of each ) but since I was in high comic book collector gear I picked it up anyway.

Next time...... We continue our dorky look at the CCC swag! Buttons and patches and newsletters - oh my!

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David, CCC Member #137 said...

Even though I'm vacationing in Canada's most exciting and cosmopolitan city, I've been taking valuable time away from my poutine-and-smoked-meat-eating schedule to check in regularly for updates on your Captain Canuck saga.