Saturday, September 8, 2007

Vintage Animation Backgrounds : Redux

Part one of this series to be found HERE

A month ago I posted some stitched-together animation backgrounds from It's Everybody's Business. Be sure to revisit that post for the details on this swell 1954 industrial film. Since reaction was positive I thought I'd share a few more, as well as two from Chuck Jones' Gay Purr-ee (1962 ).

As with the last batch the IEB images featured here are grabbed from The Internet Archive's public domain copy, so quality is not the best. Due to the particularities of the pans some areas of the image may also be missing or doubled. You get what you pay for!

Since Gay Purr-ee ( above and below ) is still a fan favourite, and available on DVD I suggest you pick up a copy and enjoy it's great design yourself.

The Golden Books version released at the time of the movie is also top-notch! ( illos by Golden Books ringer Al White. Book courtesy of Eric Sturdevant ). Even the Gold Key comic book adaption ( illustrated by animation vet Pete Alvarado ) is one of the best of it's kind. And to finish things Rhono Records has rereleased the original soundtrack ( featuring Judy Garland, Robert Goulet and animation and old time radio favourite Paul Frees ) on cd.

Gay Purr-ee's art director, Vic Haboush was the production designer on Destination Earth ( 1956 ) one of our subjects for the next animation background installment in a month or so. Be sure to explore Cartoon Modern for more information and some wonderful examples of Mr. H's work.

...and so a toast to the talented art and production designers responsible for the inspirational work above!
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