Sunday, December 30, 2007

Looking Forward

As the New Year approaches I'd like to use this opportunity to thank everyone who's taken the time to visit GLENMULLALY.COM...The BLOG!

Since the launch of this blog in mid-June 2007, monthly visits have risen by over 800%, with the overall trend on an upward trajectory. Not bad for the occasional feature ( such as the two-part - and look for part three soon - focus on vintage animation backgrounds, the four-part Captain Canuck reminiscence , the Halloween kid Glen Costume Craziness, and the epic three-part Gerry Lazare and the Mean Old Courier Company tale ) plus bits of news interspersed by a lot of goofy links to my Flickr! ( like the vintage space illustrations that are up now ). Hopefully the feature content will increase along with the viewership in the near future.

So once again thanks for stopping by, and the all the best in 2008!



Anonymous said...

And thank you for more insight into the "Wonderful, Wacky, World of Glen". Looking forward to more of the same.
Happy New Year!

JC said...

If you keep occasionally posting interesting things, I'll keep occasionally checking it out!

Glen Mullaly said...

It's a deal, JC!

Ward Jenkins said...

Yesh, thanks for starting this up, Glen! I'm a better man since I've started reading your blog.