Friday, December 21, 2007

Spotlight on the Retro Kid!

Aurelius Battaglia is just one of the hundreds of wonderful illustrators that have been featured on the Flickr group Retro Kid. Helmed by animation ace Ward Jenkins, this pool of amazing vintage children's illustrations ( from kid's book, magazines, records, toy packaging and many other sources ) is added to daily by over 1,200 members who share some of their favourite images from their collections.
Two and a half years worth ( more than 4,000 images! ) including my latest batch of goodies ( one of which is pictured above ) awaits your perusal. So strap on those Lund's and schuss your way to the Retro Kid!


Ward Jenkins said...

Thanks for the uber-cool mention, Glen! It wouldn't be half as cool if you weren't a part of it. Thanks for making the Kid a great place to visit.

Glen Mullaly said...

Garsh.... now you've got me blushing.
I'm happy to chip in my two-cents worth to such a fun endeavor!