Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's Provensen Time!

Once again I'm posting some images from the absolutely legendary (at least in the minds of me and my illustration admiring friends) husband and wife team of Alice and Martin Provensen. I've shared many images from them before but this go-round it's from my newly acquired copy of "The Golden Treasury of Myths Legends" from Golden Books in 1959. I stumbled across this treasure while looking for a birthday present for my sister last week. I was turning around to head from one section to the next when my eyes caught a split-second glimpse of the spine of this tome in the "Religion" section of my favourite local used book store. I paused, turned back, investigated further... and then had to stifle my unadulterated glee as I realized what I had found - in mint condition - for $9.99.

Happy day indeed.

For more samples from this wonderful book check out my Flickr photostream whydontcha!


K0dama said...

I didn't know much about children's book illustrators until I met you, so I admit when I first heard you talk about these books I thought you were saying "Allison Martin" instead of "Alice and Martin." But I'm learning now! :)

Glen Mullaly said...

We're all learning! I'd never heard of them before five years ago either.