Thursday, March 19, 2009

Quick Flick!

Time once again to let my bloggy readers know that there's new old kid's books illustrations from my ever-growing collection of vintage children's goodness up on my Flickr photostream. This time around I'm featuring the work of Charles Nicolas (below), and poetically-named Wonder Books stalwart Dellwyn Cunningham (above).

Intending to enrich the minds of my faithful followers I did a quick search on the origins of the name "Dellwyn". I didn't get too far though before I stumbled across the coolest named dentist in the history of the world! Should you live in the Memphis area and you need your teeth re-filed, or that diamond insert on your front incisor polished I'd suggest you check out Dr. Dellwyn M. Turnipseed, DMD. With a name like that I think she's got to have a great chair-side sense of humour if nothing else.

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