Sunday, March 22, 2009

"M" day at the Toy Show!

Okay... officially it's known as "Victoria's Ultimate Hobby & Toy Fair!" (to distinguish it from the more established and competing "Victoria Toy Show"). But to me both of them are "the Toy Show", and with each happening twice a year that means the four largest toy shows and sales in Western Canada happen on my doorstep!

And it makes me happy.

The mixture of vintage and collectible toys, games, kid's books, comics, records, (all for sale), plus door prizes, magicians, hobby club displays, personal appearances by costumed characters, and more at this fun-filled Sunday event never disappoints.

C'mon! It's an auditorium filled with toys! Usually I leave with a handfull of wonderful items from my childhood. Today it was three Star Wars action figure backing cards ($1 each) from 1980, a bag of vintage plastic spacemen (actually a reverse re-gift from a pal, since I had originally given them to him ten years ago for his birthday), and both Baron Karza and his trusty Micronaut steed Andromeda.

So... as not to overwhelm you with all the totally tubular and truly terrific toyishnous today I thought we'd just look at a small taste of this morning's show... via the letter "M".

In the first photo (top) we meet an army of vintage plastic Marx figures on the march. Micronauts and more are featured in the montage above... and mounds of moon-age Mattel militaria is on display with the men of Major Matt Mason (below).

I've found dozens of wonderful children's books at these toy shows over the years. Often quite reasonably priced too. This one featuring a magnificent cover illustration by Mary Blair was a little out of my price range though.

More merry Marx mirth making when the mixed-up maniacs known as the Nutty Mads make the scene!

And finally... this beautiful Man in Space cover. Watch the series this comic book was based on here.

So please stop by if your going to be in the Victoria area during the Spring or Fall. I doubt you'll walk away, empty handed or not, unhappy. I never do.


Jason Chalker said...

That would be a VERY dangerous place for me. Looks like a lot of fun.

K0dama said...


Todd Franklin said...

Hey Mister! Looks like you scored on some mighty good toys. Too bad I live in Missouri, 'cause I missed out!