Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pillow Talk!

Well... "Pillow CASE Talk" if you want to be accurate, but I've got to attract those darn internets eyeballs somehow!

As is the custom on or abouts the annual celebration of one's birth the giving of gifts often takes place. Since mein Geburtstag vas last week I receive a plethora of wonderfully thoughtful presents: books, music, meals, cards (handmade and otherwise), a tennis racquet, vintage tikis, handerpants, and more!

My favourite gift of all though was getting to spend the day with my finacee, but she sweetened the deal with these oh-so-cute and amazingly "awe..."some hand embroidered pillow cases. Despite being a relative newcomer to the art she plunged in head first with the most excellent and smile-inducing "Mr. and Mrs. Monkey" above, and the piece de la the resistance of all resistances...

...her absopoelutely, knock-my-socks-offingly, super-tastic masterpiece inspired by my last year's robot Valentine's Day card! What more could I have asked for?!

I love you too Joanne-3000!

1 comment:

Marilyn said...

Joanne; What a great idea and superb job!
Glen; Thanks for sharing.