Sunday, September 20, 2009

Toy Show Day!

Yep... the magical day that comes 'round but four times a year has occurred once again - no... not the changing of the seasons. Not the new fiscal quarter. Not even TV's sweeps week! - it's Toy Show Day! The four largest toy shows and sales in Western Canada (and possible the Pacific Northwest of North America) take place in our collector-rich hometown of Victoria, B.C.

Dealers large and small from Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle and environs gather with over 125 tables of goodies to tempt, tease and maybe even please collectors and looky-loo's in this day-long celebration of vintage and collectible toys, games, models, comics, books, records, club demonstrations, costumed character appearances, door prizes, charity fund-raisers, food and more.

This time I went in planning not to buy much, if anything at all, if I could help it. But once again the temptation was just too great. The five large boxes of $1 items at one dealer accounted for most of my cave-ins, but a few other siren songs called me and my wallet irresistibly towards a rendezvous avec treasured vintage paper and plastic items.

Although I didn't require it today I'm sure others would have appreciated the sentiment behind this vintage advertising sign at one table...

So here we find the end result - two-thirds of today's haul (some Mad magazines, a vintage Star Wars Probot, and a couple more kids books are missing in action from this spread). Although a few of these pieces will be headed for hopefully immediate resale, the rest are happy additions to my menagerie. Grand total... $22!

Left to right... 1977 Star Wars birthday card, birthday invitation and stationary, 1978 Star Wars die-cast landspeeder, vintage Star Wars bubble bath container, 1977 Close Encounters of the Third Kind & Star Wars movie programs, two 1969 Whizzer tops, 1976 Micronauts Crater Cruncher, vintage water rocket, beautiful 1965 children's book, vintage children's record, Star Wars book & record set.