Friday, September 4, 2009

Welcome "Alice" Fan!

It just so happens that an extra-special Alice in Wonderland fan arrives in town today for a week and a half visit with yours truly. So in celebration of this super-tastic event here's one of the two images from John Huehnergarths's 1952 illustrated version of Alice that I've recently shared over at my Flickr photostream.


David said...

Hope you two have a super-tastic time together. Will you be visitng home supply stores just for old time's sake?

Glen Mullaly said...

Hmmm... it's a thought. Not a good one, but a thought!

I think because of the brevity of Joanne's visit, and the length of time we'll have together in the near future, we can put that off for a bit.

David said...

Near future, eh...?

Any chance she'll be in town for this:

David (again) said...

What, no self-congratulatory birthday post? Having too much fun this week, I trust!

Best birthday ever?