Thursday, October 1, 2009


NGC 1300, a barred spiral galaxy. Courtesy of the always rockin' Hubble Space telescope!

1971 Morris 1300 Estate. Courtesy of

Founding of Bilbao, Spain in 1300 A.D.

WXRL 1300 AM Super Country! Buffalo, NY. "We've Doubled Our Power to Double Your Listening Pleasure!"

A big THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by GLENMULLALY.COM... The BLOG! in the month of September for pushing the number of visits to a new record high of 1310. The previous high was 1,272 in August, but things had been slower over the late spring and summer due to a dearth of posts while in Florida (a choice I'd make any day!)

So mucho appreciandos to all you... hmmm... I just got an idea for a contest! Come up with a name for the people who enjoy and visit regularly GLENMULLALY.COM... The BLOG!

No... "misdirected", "losers", "Glen Mullaly" and other such entries will not be accepted!

I'm looking for a name for fans of this site. Along the lines of "Wreck Fans / Wreckies" for devotees of Cake Wrecks. Or "Boingers" (I may have just made that up) for followers of Boing Boing. Enter via the comments section at the bottom of this post.

The prize?! The undying thanks of the 1300 visitors (or 130 visitors who check back 10 times each if you want to sound less dramatic) to this site each month for having a name they can call themselves in public now.

Contest ends October 6th! Now... have at it!

*Note new contest end date! Get those entries in now!


John said...


Glen Mullaly said...

John: I can definitely say that you are in first place so far...

Todd Franklin said...

Hmm... maybe the Glenonauts.

David said...


David said...

But why didn't you do something to celebrate your 1000th flickr upload?

Glen Mullaly said...

David and Todd: Keep those suggestions coming!

David: I realized too late. Oh well, maybe at 10,000!

Tim said...

Mullallipops! Because we are suckers for BLOG!