Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Monster Head Races Finale!

If, like little ol' me, you're a big fan of the spooky person behind the soon-to-be-related (legally!) Yay, It's Another Blog then you should take a ghoulish gander over at my pal Neato Coolville's wonderful Weird Hollow blog.

Besides the unending stream of vintage, haunted Halloween-themed nuttiness that pervades the fog-filled atmosphere in that neck of the electronic woods - last night was the grand finale championship of the Monster Head Races, a yearly video showdown of movie monsters racing for their fans. With online voting, a swanky prize package and fun galore!

Most importantly though, don't miss the always entertaining Vlad the Impaler's deadly draw for the wacky winner of the pulchritudinous prize package. You'll be on the edge of your electric chair!

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Marilyn said...

Thanks for sharing..what a hoot!!