Monday, August 13, 2007

Ancient Hieroglyphics Unearthed!

I dug up this long lost treasure over the weekend. Hard to believe that it hung (or more accurately was adhered using half a roll of invisible tape) on the inside wall of my sister and my bunkbeds circa 1975. I'll have to fact-check with my Mom on how much of this 6 and a half year old me did but it seems a little too neat to not to have had her hand in this. Many a DoodleArt poster graced the walls of my bedroom in the mid 1970's - Vans were a favourite subject but I also remember a Batman poster that severely tested my blue and gray felt pens.
Apparently the B.C. based (who knew!) DoodleArt company is back in business marketing these blasts from the pasts to people still interested enough to post or read a blog entry on the subject!

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