Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Unabashed Self-Promotion Dept.

Yipee! I received my copies of the new hardcover "Animal Tales" picture book today. Included in this great collection of stories from Chirp Magazine is "Manfred Meets the Tooth Monster", the first story I illustrated for Chirp back in 2002. The folks at Bayard Press did a nice job, with the quality surpassing that of the magazine, and all the authors and illustrators picked for this project are great. Ask for it at your friendly neighbourhood bookstore, it hits the shelves Saturday, Sept. 1st.


Alexiev said...

lamentably I do not believe that in Argentina it is sold... but reason why accounts give desire me incredible to have it... congratulations... and seguire visiting your blog... Greetings of a illustrative colleague from Buenos Aires...
Alexiev Store

Glen Mullaly said...

Have you tried the OwlBooks link in the post? You could check to see if they'll ship to Argentina. It's also available through, of course the shipping will be pricey. If you still are interested and those options don't work I may be able to order a copy for you and ship it myself.
Let me know.