Friday, August 31, 2007

Pre-Post Prognostications!

Another round of previews from upcoming posts, both here and at my Flickr - starting with an update on a previous preview ( there must be a word for that! ). Back in mid-July I shared a glimpse of a bittersweet story involving a sad looking sun. I hinted at aspects of this happy-yet-tragic tale, but held off on the gory details since said sad story was still stewing. Well... six weeks later the ending's still up in the air! So all I can say is please stay tuned... you'll laugh, you'll cry, you may or may not wish to ship original art by a certain major courier service.

On a happier note : Reaction to my posting of backgrounds from "It's Everybody's Business" was quite surprising, with traffic at this humble blog increasing ten-fold overnight! So caving in to popular demand I'll be presently "Animation Backgrounds: Part II " ( I worked on that title for weeks ) with a few more images from the aforementioned film as well as one or two or three ( I can't remember! ) from the mystery flick above. Ooh la la!

As everyone from the major cable news channels to your friends around the water cooler have been talking about, we're approaching the 27th anniversary of my joining the Captain Canuck Fan Club. To celebrate this momentous occasion in comic book nerdness I'll be foisting upon the public ( meaning you! ) a cornucopia of Cap'n C ( and I don't mean "Crunch" ) goodness over the course of seven days!
Yes.. that would be a good week to take your computer into the shop for maintenance.

Plus over at Flickr I'll keeping up my regular work-shirking share of vintage illustrations from my collection as well as some new work of my own... finally!

...and speaking of Flickr here's a peek at what's up there right now. Some spiffy Mother Goose goodies from Alice and Martin Provensen. Last one there's a rotten pumpkin!

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